A net developer is responsible for producing code using .net languages such as C# and VB. Net developers create applications from scratch, configure .net razor developer existing systems and provide user support. Also, net developers are able to write functional code with a sharp eye for spotting defects.

And while reviewing the applicants, you should consider their proficiency with MVC architecture, different programming languages, cloud integration, and database skills. Ivan has over 12 years of professional hands-on experience using a wide range of Microsoft technologies, mainly on enterprise web applications, security, internet, and serverless functions. His previous position was in a private company working as a senior .NET full-stack developer, software architect, and team leader. We are looking for an ASP.NET MVC developer that will be able to develop and support existing applications. The main scope of work will include everything from back-end to client-side code, using optimal and efficient technologies, frameworks, and patterns.

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Using a skills assessment or a coding test, can help you screen developers without spending engineering time. ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework, which helps create dynamic web pages. Basically, ASP.NET extends the .NET platform with tools and libraries designed for building web apps.

.net razor developer skills

Know basic architectural ideas like layers, the development lifecycle, etc. Know a lot about C# , particularly about object-oriented programming keywords and concepts (static, base, override, overload, inheritance stuff, etc.), LINQ and now async features.

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They need to be able to understand the information they’re working with so they can create effective solutions for clients. For example, if a client wants to know how many people are visiting their website, an asp.net developer would need to examine the data and determine what it means. Unit testing frameworks — A unit testing framework is a library that helps automate the process of unit testing. Unit testing frameworks provide a set of tools and APIs that allow developers to create and run unit tests. As a developer, you should be familiar with the tools and frameworks that are appropriate for the tech stack of your choice. In the case of.NET, for example, you should be familiar with nUnit and SpecFlow.

.net razor developer skills

Dot net developers do not have their limits set to just web or desktop applications, rather have an extended responsibility of creating mobile applications on .NET with Xamarin. Therefore, careless software development can lead to increased bills even after the app is deployed.

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Troubleshoot and provided resolution for different kind of issues during the various stages of project. Wrote Queries and Stored Procedures for integrating database for CRUD operations with databases.

Many developers also have experience working with other programming languages and frameworks before learning .NET. Also, when you want to develop an application using ASP.NET which needs to be secure and scalable then you need the help of professionals in developing that.